Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ham Radio Deluxe v5.22 Released

HRD Software, LLC announces the release of Ham Radio Deluxe 5.22. This is the 4th release of software since W4PC, WA9PIE and K0CBH acquired the rights in November of 2011.

Erik Gawtry KC0WWC and Rick Ruhl W4PC have been coding in tandem for the past few weeks and have created this version with more fixes and some new beta features which will be in version 6.x. Version 5.22 includes a significant number of fixes, many that go back several generations of the software. This version also offers a preliminary manual, which is on the web site ready for download.

Mike Carper, WA9PIE, said, “I’m very excited about this release. Many of the functions that never worked before are working now. We had great participation by our group of beta-testers and we’ve tested every function of the suite that we can. Many of the testers also report that it’s faster, and I agree. Erik Gawtry (KC0WWC) has a lot to do with the code-level improvements. Erik has been a great asset to this process.”

Rick Ruhl, W4PC, said, “Erik and I as well as the QA team and the beta sites have worked painstakingly for more than a thousand hours to ensure that the software works as intended. It has been a long process that has yielded the results that we were all originally looking for when this venture was started. “

Mike adds, “We made a conscious decision to delay feature development for v6.x until after the v5.22 release. We wanted all our development resources focused on the backlog of user requests and on making 5.22 the best version of HRD yet. Our users asked us for that.” Users who take advantage of the discounted pre-buy opportunity for v6.x will continue to receive direct support on the v5.22 product. According to Mike, “It’s important to download and use 5.22, as this will be the last free version that is produced. 5.22 will also be the only free version that will continue to receive support.”

Version 6.x will have many new features which will include FSK support, a new QSL and awards tracking interface, improved cluster filters, label printing, and the Super Sweeper in Digital Master. Super Sweeper will allow multiple signals to be decoded in the window formerly referred to as “Superbrowser”.

HRD Software now has someone new for QA and Tech Support, W1MNK, Jon Maguire, will be leading the phone and email support. Jon has many years of experience in support and is a power user of HRD. This is the first of many hams HRD hopes to have on staff.

HRD Software will be in Audio Alley booths 108-109-100 at the Dayton Hamvention. The company has also created a YouTube site where feature demonstrations will be published for this and other versions.

A discounted pre-buy of version 6.0 is being offered for $59.95. This includes technical support for v5.2. The retail version of HRD will be $79.95 when it’s released after Dayton 2012. Those that have purchased or will purchase the 5.X support will still get one year of support from the date of the 6.0 release.

You can purchase and download the product at
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Ham Radio Deluxe 5.22 is here and its FREE.

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