Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yaesu's Newest Transceiver The FTdx3000

As of this date, May 19, 2012 the FT-DX3000 has NOT been approved by the FCC for
sale. Once the radio has received FCC approval and pricing has been announced,
you will be advised right here on the Fox Tango Users Group.

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Yaesu's Newest Rig for 2012
HF/50 MHz 100 W Transceiver, the FTDX3000 has only one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio. When in the Auto Mode, the Spectrum Scope display is updated in real time. The 3.5-inch wide color LCD displays the operating information and the status of
the transceiver functions, with high resolution (480 x 272 dots) on the screen and The 32 bit high speed floating decimal DSP.

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Carol Maher W4CLM
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